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Founded in 2023, JAN Industries focuses on GIS development utilizing the ESRI suite of products and applications. Currently based in the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica, we embrace the moniker "likkle but we tallawah", which means small but we can achieve anything. GIS can be utilized in almost any industry and we stay committed to growing with the technology and incorporating cutting edge techniques to bring to life our client needs.  

the team


Youthful and skilled, these are the charatcteristics that describe the team at JAN Industries. Led by President Najeeb Hall whose background is in computer engineering and spent years working in telecommunications, banking and energy sectors we are a business that believe in innovationg and breaking new ground. Each team member is trained on the ESRI platform with numerous certifications. 


Phone: 876-821-8033

Our Services

Building Planning

arcgis Survey123

Create simple or intricate surveys for your team. Survey123 can be used to report issues, capture infrastructure locations, take pictures, api triggers  and so much more.

Used inconjunction with other apps such as dashboard and insights it is a very powerful tool.


arcgis pro & databases

We utilize ARCGIS PRO for map making, data editing, publishing and data analysis.ArcPro is a staple for any organization using GIS, from scripting to databse maintenance, generating reports to quick calculations JAN Industries got you covered with our well trained experts!


arcgis enterprise

Manage users, user roles, groups, assigning licenses, and permissions; we can manage your ARCGIS enterprise deployment. Having a good aministrator is key to the GIS being used to its full extent inkeeping with industry best practices and standards.

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